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Halfway Doesn't Mean Half Over

As we enter August I have mixed emotions as to the "halfway" point of summer. The middle marker of summer typically brings a sense of dread for me as an educator and parent. Historically for me, it means summer is half over, school is less than a month away, kids activities and schedules will start again...all the things. Dreams of school start to take over in my sleep, to do lists begin, my brain plays a continuous reel of what needs to be done in the coming weeks, meal planning, preparation and e-mails.


I knew this feeling would come again and that August would indelibly show up like it always does. This year however, I was ready for it mentally and planned for its arrival on the calendar. I prepared for it in a sense. As August came this time around I felt more at peace than ever before. Perhaps it was because I set myself up for these feelings, maybe it was because I was more spontaneous in July or planned more adventures, or could it be due to the fact I had more fun than ever before? Summer may be half over, yet I'm taking on each day with a new sense of purpose. To cherish the moments, capture the memories and continue to connect with those I love most. My children have seen me laugh more, be spontaneous and playful, take on more adventure and experience joy in the moment. Being on the water brings a sense of calm and peace. I am able to connect to my own heart and hear my thoughts more than ever.

I'm looking forward to the remainder of summer this year for the first time ever. Just because it is August, doesn't mean summer is half over. There is still plenty of time left to be in the moment...and that is exactly what I am planning on doing!

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