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Miss Claire Has Lost Her Flair


Miss Claire is a teacher who delights and inspires her students with dazzling pizazz and a huge heaping of love. Her classroom is a rainbow-coloured world, full of music, laughter and ideas. Until one day, it wasn’t for Miss Claire mysteriously loses her flair. 


In this vibrant rhyming story, discover why Miss Claire suddenly goes from flair to flop. Follow her and her students through the twists and turns of classroom life. You’ll never guess how Miss Claire gets her flair back.  


Children, teachers and parents will be delighted by the spunky Miss Claire and her class. Let this book be a conversation-starter at school and at home for topics related to finding joy, building community, expressing feelings, and of course, personal style! There’s even a Curiosity Sparking question guide at the back of the book! 


Fun, lively and surprising, this ode to teachers everywhere is bound to open your eyes and your hearts. It might even help 

you find your flair! 

Miss Claire Teacher Extraordinaire


Miss Claire has done it again! The beloved teacher with oodles of flair takes us on a classroom adventure in this relatable rhyming tale. Miss Claire’s school world is vibrant, fun-filled, and brimming with sparkle. Her students thrive as a team and shine like all the colours of a rainbow.


Everything is going great until a new student struggles to find her place within the class. Little Violet is quiet and withdrawn, and Miss Claire searches for ways to engage the newest learner in the classroom. Will she still be a Teacher Extraordinaire when faced with such a challenge?


Discover how Miss Claire and her students work together to support a new student in an unfamiliar environment, build relationships, and understand their part in welcoming a new friend. With endless energy, games, and a generous sprinkling of compassion, Miss Claire turns the ordinary to something truly extraordinary.


Children, teachers and parents alike will be delighted by the captivating Miss Claire and her class. Let this book be a conversation-starter at school and at home for topics related to belonging, compassion, asking for help, and of course, being extraordinary! There’s even a curiosity sparking question guide at the back of the book.


Miss Claire Teacher Extraordinaire will encourage teacher and student connections, warm your hearts, and spark new understanding of what it means to truly belong.

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